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FAQ/Quick Answers

Q: What is Bank on Boulder County?
A: Bank on Boulder County is a partnership between banks, credit unions, community organizations and Boulder County. Banks that are part of the program have agreed to offer low-cost checking accounts and extra customer service at their participating branches.
Q: Do I have to be a Boulder County resident to open an account?
A: No, you do not have to be a Boulder County resident to open an account.
Q: Are only banks in Boulder County offering these accounts?
A: No, some banks and credit unions have participating branches throughout the region and even nationally.
Q: Where should I go to open a bank account?
A: To find the participating branch nearest you, use the bank locator tool on the website: www.bankonBoulder County.org/maptool (coming)
Q: How can I find a bank branch that has someone who can speak my language?
A: Use the list of participating branches on the website to see languages spoken by branch.
Q: How do I choose the bank account that’s best for me?
A: There is a Product Menu on the website that will help you compare all of the low-cost products offered through Bank on Boulder County.
Q: Can you help me choose which account is best for me?

A: Yes! Please visit a Financial Counselor by contacting hcinfo@bouldercounty.org or leaving a message at 720-564-2279. You can also visit our website at www.bouldercountyhc.org. We can partner with you explore your preferences and options.

Meanwhile, here are some questions and resources that might help you select an account. See the Bank On Boulder County Product Menu to find which product matches your answers:

  • How much do you have for an opening deposit?
  • Can you pay a monthly fee of $10 or less?
  • Have you had trouble with a bank accountin the past?
  • What type of identification do you have?
Q: Can I open an account if I’ve had trouble with a bank account in the past?
A: Yes, but in some cases you may have to prove that you’ve attended financial education and/or repaid any debts. Banks have different policies, and it is worthwhile to explore the with a Financial Counselor or bank professional. Some banks do not check your record and will open an account as long as you don’t owe them money; these are listed in the Product Menu.
Q: What kind of identification do I need to open an account?
A: These can be specific to different banks/credit unions and are summarized on the Product and Services Menu.
Q: Do I need a Social Security Number to open an account?
A: In most cases, you don't need a Social Security number, but you will need a passport, Colorado ID, Mexican Matricula card, or other government issued identification card. See Product Menu for which forms of ID are accepted by each bank.
Q: How can I avoid overdraft fees?
A: When you open your new account, ask for the type of account that will not let you spend money that you don’t have in your account. Your bank will help you set up this type of account. (By law, they must allow you to choose this type of account.)
Q: How can I find financial education classes or money management training?
A: There will be training calendar on the website–click on the “Managing Your Finances” tab.
Q: Should I come to a Boulder County office to open an account or talk to someone about this?
A: Yes, Bank on Boulder County partners with the Boulder County Financial Counseling program that can help you in several financial areas including finding a participating bank branch closest to you by using the bank locator tool. If you have questions, call 720-564-2279 to schedule with a Financial Counselor.
Q: I went to a participating bank branch and they didn’t treat me well or wouldn’t open an account for me and didn’t explain why.
A: Please email any complaints to info@bankonbouldercounty.org. We want to hear from you!